The Training - Logistical Info

July 2021 through July 2025

The Training, the Schedule, and Fees

The program follows international guidelines and will be accredited by the North American Training and Accreditation Board (NATAB) and approved by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America (FGNA).

  • Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be eligible for certification and membership in the Feldenkrais Guild®of North America, or any other Feldenkrais Guild worldwide.
  • After completing the first two years of the program you will be eligible to receive authorization from FGNA to teach Awareness Through Movement® lessons….
  • Upon successful graduation from the full course you will be eligible to receive authorization from FGNA to teach individual Functional Integration® lessons. 



8 weeks a year that is tailored to the schedule of an academic (2021-2025)*

  • 4 weeks over summer break
  • 2 weeks over winter break
  • 2 weeks over spring break

We have, as we all have, been waiting and planning on how to proceed during these challenging and unknown times. We were hopeful that it would be possible to begin the training in July 2020 as planned. However, we have concluded that this is unrealistic and currently unsafe. Our biggest concern is for your health and safety. In addition to that, we want to be able to begin the training with enough participants to continue to it’s completion without interruption. 

So Where do we go from here? There are still so many unknowns and possibilities. Our intention is to start in July 2021, but who knows, we will have to wait and see. At this time we really can’t say but our goal is to make it happen. Rest assured, we will add extra segments to the end of the training to get the full amount of sessions in. 

YEAR ONE 2021-2022 – Dates and Trainers

      SEGMENT 1 – Summer 2021         July 5 – 16 – Alan Questel / July 19 – 30 – Deborah Bowes

      SEGMENT 2 – Winter 2022            January 3 – 14 – Alan Questel   

      SEGMENT 3 – Spring 2022             May 16 – 27 – Richard Corbeil

YEAR TWO 2022-2023 – Dates and Trainers

      SEGMENT 1 – Summer 2022         July 5 – 15 – Alan Questel / July 18 – 29 – Deborah Bowes

      SEGMENT 2 – Winter 2023            January 2 – 13 – Alan Questel 

      SEGMENT 3 – Spring 2023             May 15 – 26 – Julie Casson-Rubin

YEAR THREE 2023-2024 – Dates and Trainers

      SEGMENT 1 – Summer 2023         July 3 – 14 – Alan Questel / July 17 – 28 – Arlyn Zones

      SEGMENT 2 – Winter 2024            January 3 – 13  – Deborah Bowes

      SEGMENT 3 – Spring 2024             May 18 – 29 – Alan Questel

YEAR FOUR 2024-2025 – Dates and Trainers – TBA

We expect to be able to adhere to this schedule that is tailored to the academic calendar, but there may be changes due to the availability of facilities. Whenever possible, trainees will be notified 45 days in advance.

* Training programs are subject to cancellation with 30 days advance notice due to insufficient enrollment, teacher availability, and/or location availability.



There is a non-refundable application fee of $75.00, which will be applied towards your tuition upon acceptance.

There is a $500.00 deposit upon acceptance to hold your place in the training. 

The tuition fee is $4,900.00 per year to be paid in two installments per year. Payment plan options will be available if needed through a mutually agreed upon payment plan. 

All fees can be paid via paypal (please note that a 3% service fee will be applied for all paypal/square/credit card transactions.) If you would like to pay using square, please email for an invoice. Credit Cards and checks accepted (checks can be made out to Motion and the Artful Mind). Special arrangements can be made. Please just ask!  

The Tennessee Feldenkrais Professional Training Program at Austin Peay State University shall refund to any student, all tuition payments for any full day training sessions of the progam which the student has not yet attended (at $122.50 per day) whether they leave on their own or are asked to leave by the Educational Director.
In the event of school closure or if the training is cancelled by the decision of Motion and the Artful Mind, LLC, you will receive a pro-rated refund of $122.50 per day.


A charming city at the top of Tennessee. Home to Austin Peay State Univeristy and the famed train station of the “Last Train to Clarksville.”

The Venue
Austin Peay State Univeristy Dept. of Theatre and Dance.

Clarksville offers plenty of different housing opportunities from air B&Bs, to hotels. While we will not provide housing we will do all we can to help you find something appropriate for you and your needs. We have found the most affordable extended stay option in town: Woodspring Suites. Please contact them at (931) 572-1446 to book your room. Quoted rates (at the time of this posting) are $319/week + tax for a one bed room and 370/week + tax for a two bed room.

Markets nearby the training 

Restaurants nearby the training
Blackhorse Tavern
Strawberry Alley Brewery
Hot Pita
Jib Bop
Yada, Yada, Yada, Bagels
Golly G’s