Tennessee Professional Feldenkrais Training

Educational Questions:
Alan Questel
Logistical Questions:
Suzanne Thompson

We are truly sorry to announce the cancellation of the Feldenkrais Training Program in Tennessee. 

We were hopeful that providing a training that accommodated the academic calendar and doing it in the southeast (where there hasn’t been a training for some time) would draw enough trainees to make it a viable proposition.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been enough. Getting the numbers to begin on a sound footing has simply not been possible.  Of course, we know that Covid had an influence on this. Postponing the training last year was not easy. Yet even during Covid time we continued to get inquiries and receive applications, giving us hope. 

We have had to come to the difficult recognition that we are unable to postpone it again and we now have to let go of this dream.

We know for many of you this will be a great disappointment, as it is for us. The location and schedule worked well for so many.  Still there may be the possibility to continue to pursue your desire to train in the Feldenkrais Method. Here are some details about 2 other programs that might suit your needs both educationally and logistically.

There is a new program directed by Alan Questel in Santa Fe, NM beginning in August 2021, (assuming our world has resumed a more normal ability to meet and learn). Feldenkrais in Santa Fe Professional Training Program 4 meets two times a year, each time for month long segment. You can find all the details about it at: http://feldenkraisinsantafe.com/training/santa-fe-4-2020-2024/ as well as exploring the website for other information about the curriculum, etc.

Another option is a program that has recently begun and still open to enrollment, The Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program in Kelowna, BC, Canada directed by Julie Peck. It has a different schedule so for those of you who were looking to accommodate an academic schedule, this may be more possible.  It meets three times a year, for a two or three week segment.  You can find more details at: https://kelownafeldenkraistraining.ca/index.html

If neither of these are possible for you, other programs will continue to open up in the future and hopefully the timing, logistics and educational staff will suit your needs.  You can always find info about them at the Feldenkrais Guild of North America’s website at: https://www.feldenkraisguild.com/accredited-trainings .

Again, please accept our sincere apologies for having to cancel the training and If you have any questions or need support in the future, please feel free to contact us.